MF3 Bluecell Extract Skin Serum

MF3 Bluecell Extract Skin Serum

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MF3 of Switzerland Presents Bluecell Extracts Skin Serum 

Behold this latest revolution in the face of beauty. You want a beautiful, vibrant, glowing and youthful-looking skin? Then discover the wonders of Bluecell Skin Serum!
This all new product of Swiss innovation is clinically proven to take care of those skin wrinkles on your neck and face, especially those  dreaded crow’s feet around your eyes. Bluecell Extracts reduces the effects of the stresses of your life and other destructive elements around you.

Some of the negative factors affecting the health of your skin include:

1. Gravity which causes sagging, drastically changing the form of the face over many years
2. Dark spots and dullness indicative of the effects of environment stresses
3. Dryness and less volume of the skin marked by wrinkles and fine lines
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MF3 Bluecell Skin Serum specifically works to reduce the effects of these factors, keeping your skin as young-looking as you feel. By regenerating your skin cells while you sleep, it acts to rebalance, replenish, and restore your skin’s health, vitality, and radiance. The serum readily seeps through your inner skin upon application and provides your skin cells with the saturation and moisture they need. This process greatly increases the elasticity of the skin’s inner layers providing health from within, resulting in an energized, smooth, refined, firm, yet at the same time soft and supple with improved texture and complexion.
Bluecell Extracts is a luxurious formulation with a 300% increase in the bioactive extract content (a nutrient called Oxygenin™), a host of other botanical extracts, super Hyaluronic Acids, essential lipids obtained using cell therapy extraction technology, and five (5) new cosmeceutical ingredients.
MF3 Bluecell Extracts Skin Serum is the product of years and years of thorough scientific research by Lab DoM AvMM of Switzerland who closely worked with the most acclaimed scientists from Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. This collaboration of great minds resulted in a brilliant product which won the much coveted 2001 Crystal Award, what some may consider the Nobel Prize for the beauty industry.
MF3 Bluecell Extract Skin Serum
Wake up each morning with skin as vibrant and full of life as 20 years ago!

Five (5) New Cosmeceutical Ingredients

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1) Collagen Elastin HME: Because of its average molecular mass of just 3,600 Da, Collagen Elastin HME is highly soluble. Thus, upon application, the body finds it easy to absorb and put to use, giving your skin the tensile strength and suppleness it needs.
2) Pentacare NA: This active ingredient is present in plants and helps keeps skin tight and wrinkle-free.
3) Pep-Nutrix: Volume of the skin is highly improved with this ingredient. It also tightens and smooths the skin out in addition to keeping skin tone healthy-looking.
4) Vegetal Placenta C: This ingredient has two effects. It is a catalyst in the cell metabolism process and it helps provide nutrients crucial to the cell renewal process.
5) Vegetal Fresh Cells: The S-Carotenin contained in vegetal fresh cell gives your skin the protection it needs from free radicals.
before treatment
after 28 days
after 56 days

Before Treatment

After 26 Days

After 56 Days


How Does Bluecell Extracts Work

Bluecell Skin Serum contains Oxygenin™ as the main ingredient. Developed by MF3 of Switzerland, Oxygenin™ is an effective carrier of oxygen. Like the Hemoglobin found in our blood, Oxygenin™ maintains a high supply of oxygen between cells and tissues in the body, in this case, cell epidermi. It does this by mimicking the function of Hemoglobin itself. This means that the metabolic process at a cellular level is greatly improved, allowing the skin to remain healthy despite all the stresses and pollution present in the environment around it. It also aids in optimal cell breathing and self-regulation within a polluted environment. Finally, it also detoxifies the skin, ridding it of carbon dioxide and replacing it with the oxygen it needs to keep healthy.
It is important to note that Bluecell Extracts, as with any other MF3 products, does not interfere in normal bodily processes, such as the skin’s normal function of perspiration. Neither will it clog your skin’s pores or disrupt the skin’s natural pH balance.

MF3 Bluecell Clinical Studies

Conducted by highly acclaimed independent Swiss research groups in Switzerland Clinical Study Report: CTE43A
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In the figure, you will see that when used two times a day for 14 straight days, the Oxygenin™ present in MF3 Bluecell Skin Serum greatly improves skin health by giving it the ability to retain moisture. Moisture is retained even after 14 days , something most other products in the skin cream market cannot do.
Other studies showed that there was a significant decrease in the depth and number of skin wrinkles of twenty women aged 25 to 55 who used Bluecell Extracts two times a day for 14 straight days.

MF3 Bluecell Skin Serum Application Instructions

For optimum effect, you need to apply 1 to 3 drops of MF3 Bluecell Skin Serum in the morning after you get up and right before sleep after washing. You can use the serum on your face, neck, around the eyes after washing and lightly drying before applying. The serum can be used as an alternative to skin lotion.
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