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MF3 HP230 mg &
EUF (Eco-Ultrafiltrates) LPPSIM

Advanced Preventative Anti-Aging Treatment
30% OFF EUF ! (almost $600 OFF)

MF3 HP230 is the best anti-aging product on the market, but your body needs time to maximize the usage of all the rich growth factors, hormones, proteins and other nutrients. During or after a cycle of MF3 HP230, supplementing the effects with EUF LPPSIM will reinforce and gently accelerate the treatment process. You could exclusively use one or the other, but using both drastically improves the overall positive effects.

EUF (Eco-Ultrafiltrates) are extracts from stem cells that are used for the regeneration of inefficient or defective organic structures, disrupted regulating systems and for the improvement of bodily function due to deterioration by diseases and aging. Many of our clients find that EUF LPPSIM complements the MF3 HP230 treatment and provides outstanding results, as the EUF provides support for a wide range of organs and goes a long way in improving digestion and bettering the absorption of MF3 HP230. (You can take all of the vitamins and supplements you desire, but if your absorption pathways are not working at their optimal level, the body cannot maximize what it’s receiving. EUF assists the body in maximizing the MF3 HP230 treatment!)  

When purchasing this set, you can save an incredible 30% (nearly $600!) on EUF LPPSIM and potentially receive a free bottle of our world-renowned MF3 Bluecell Skin Gel! MF3 Bluecell Extract Skin Gel is a fantastic anti-oxidizing agent to help recapture and maintain skin that looks as young as you feel! Bluecell extracts are absorbed deep into the skin's inner layers, saturating undernourished skin cells with moisture to repair skin elasticity, restore radiance, and help protect skin from damage caused by the environment.


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MF3 HP 230 x 20 ampoules

$960 30% OFF EUF!
Save: $594
4 Royal Jelly Facial Mask
($28 value)
$2940 $2346

EUF LPPSIM x 20 ampoules


MF3 HP 230 mg x 30 ampoules

$1440 30% OFF EUF!
Save: $594
6 Royal Jelly Facial Mask
($42 value)
$3420 $2826
EUF LPPSIM x 20 ampoules $1980

MF3 HP 230 mg x 50 ampoules


30% OFF EUF!
MF3 Blue Cell Free!

Save: $744
10 Royal Jelly Facial Mask
($66 value)
Blue Cell Free!
$4330 $3586
EUF LPPSIM x 20 ampoules $1980
BONUS: MF3 Bluecell Skin Gel $150


Products Details


MF3 HP Injectibles 230mg EUF LPPSIM Eco-Ultrafiltrates
  MF3 HP 230mg
         (50 vials per box)
         $2200 for one box ($48 per vial)!
  EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates
         (20 ampoules per box)
         USUALLY $1980 for one box!!
MF3 BlueCell Extracts Skin Gel Royal Jelly Mask
  MF3 Bluecell Skin Gel
         (30 ml per bottle)
         USUALLY $150 for one bottle!!
  Royal Jelly Mask
         USUALLY $7 each!!

* Please note: Orders of less than one box (50 vials) of MF3 HP230 will be shipped in alternate packaging.

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