MFIII HP230 (Medical Grade)

MFIII HP230 (Medical Grade)

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Now available in UV Protection Brown Bottle!
MFIII HP230 Brown BottleMFIII HP230 Brown Bottle

The Human Placenta

human placenta extracts couper
When a woman is pregnant, she nurtures her unborn child through the placenta. An organ found only in mammals, the placenta serves as the baby's home until its birth. In the placenta, the baby receives all the nutrients, including food and oxygen, to be able to grow. The placenta is so full of very nutritious substances that some cultures are known to have practiced placentophagy, where the placenta is consumed by the mother right after she gives birth to aid in her recovery.
Scientific research has shown that the human placenta contains substances critical to cellular growth. These include glycosaminoglycans, hormones, nucleic acids, proteins, antibodies, polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRNs), and other nutritional elements. In addition, the human placenta also contains 128 growth factors such as HGF, NGF, EGF, FGF, CFS, IGF-1, TGF, IL1, IL2, IL3 and IL4. 
All these nutrients are concentrated and available with MF3 HP 230. This human placenta extract will help you regenerate your tissues, revitalize your cells, and make you, not just feeling young, but actually young once again.
MF3 HP 230 is completely safe as it contains no artificial hormones, which can disrupt your body's own hormone production. Furthermore, each placenta injection is free of any artificial protein so allergic reaction is highly unlikely.

MF3 HP 230 Benefits

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy by using MF3 HP 230. Due to the mitogenic actions of the cytokines in the placenta, these physiological effects will begin to occur in your body:

  • Joints and discs become more flexible.
  • Facial pigmentation lightens and facial pores are reduced.
  • Skin texture is greatly enhanced, making it stronger and more elastic.
  • Symptoms of chronic diseases are relieved.
  • The immune system becomes stronger.
  • Risk of contracting heart diseases is reduced.
  • Nerve regeneration process improves.
  • Hormone levels are balanced.
  • Circulation of blood improves.
  • Energy and stamina improves.
  • Weight stabilizes to healthier levels.
  • Intestines are improved to eliminate constipation.
  • Cells in tissues and organs are regenerated.
  • Wounds heal better.
  • Sleep patterns are stabilized.
  • Alertness and general mental health improve.
In addition to all these, human placenta extracts are also said to have anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic or painkiller effects.

MF3 HP 230 Safety

Right from the beginning, MF3 of Switzerland maintains a very high standard in choosing donors for human placenta extracts. Only those pre-screened in government-approved hospitals in the European Union are eligible to donate. Mothers who contracted communicable diseases, HIV, and Hepatitis, are not allowed to donate. The same goes for those who had breech delivery, twins, underweight birth, or burns.
MF3 of Switzerland uses a special extraction process to procure the peptides, enzymes, cytokines, hormones, proteins, growth factors, etc. from the human placenta. As with all MF3 of Switzerland products, human placenta extracts have been obtained via an advanced extraction method which uses ultra-filtration and cold method processing. This means, MF3 of Switzerland does not resort to the cheaper yet very destructive heat-based extraction, nor does it add any other chemicals, both of which are utilized by other manufacturers. Temperatures reaching 125 to 180 degrees Celsius is known to destroy the beneficial elements from the placenta.
What all these means is that MF3 HP 230 placenta injection is the most developed tool you can have against the adverse effects of aging.

Dosage and Usage

A healthy person can take MF3 HP 230 for its anti-aging and disease-prevention properties. You can begin with 6 ampoules consumed over 2 to 3 weeks. Eventually, you can regularize your dosage to 1 to 2 ampoules per week or 1 ampoule every 2 weeks. Meanwhile, for a person who suffers from a specific ailment or injury, you can complete 50 ampoule treatment taken 3 to 5days a week, or 2 ampoules every other day. A person with higher sensitivity can bring down the dosage to 1 to 2 ampoules daily or every other day with 12 ampoules per week maximum. Treatment can be repeated after 6 to 12 months depending on the illness or the patient's health. It is recommendable to use a thin needle for the placenta injection and that it is administered via a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection on the Gluteal area.
Dosage can be adjusted as you see fit as there is little of overdose. Any excess will pass through your body without causing any harm. Like any other injections, MF3 HP 230 may cause some minor skin irritation or swelling on the injection site.

MF3 HP230 Compared with Other Similar Products

Characteristics of MF3 HP 230 MF3 HP 230 Questionable
Origin European Union Questionable
Lab and Plant Certifications Yes None
ISO 9001:20001 German Certification Yes Mostly None
ISO 140001 German Certification Yes Mostly None
IQNet Swiss Certification Yes Mostly None
SQS Swiss Quality Management System in Development and Manufacture of Tissue Culture Certificate Yes Mostly None
HACCP Certification Yes Mostly None
Proprietary Cold-Processed Extraction Yes (unique refrigeration process) No. All through heating process.
Fresh and Pure Extraction Yes No
No chemicals and no preservatives Yes No
Use of intense heat during pasteurization/sterilization process Absolutely No Yes (125°C to180°C)
Native placental cells used Yes No
Unique Microporosis ultra-filtration sterilization Yes No
Passes GMP Pharmaceutical to European Union stringent standards Yes Mostly No
EU Certification of closed colony (30 generations) Yes None
'Milipore' USA Certification Yes Mostly None
Support of Swiss Researchers and Cell Therapists worldwide (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA, South America and etc). Yes None
Endorsement by the International Association for Cell Therapy (IACT), Switzerland Yes No
Brand Existence 18 years Mostly 2 to 3 years


Swiss Certifications

placenta injection research
Research and formulated by Lab Dom Avmm Biotechnologies and manufactured by Lab Dom Avmm, MF3 of Switzerland products are tested in highly advanced and independent laboratories in Switzerland. Under Swiss Certification No. SCES002023, they are in full compliance with very stringent international standards.
ISO9001 ISO14001
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) SQS (Swiss Association for Quality & Management System)
TQM (Total Quality Management) SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
European Eurocerta Certifications GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)


Storage and Transportation of MF3 HP 230

Do not expose the placenta injection ampoules to direct sunlight (UV).
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep in refrigerated (but not freezing) conditions.
MF3 HP 230 does not come with syringes.
Alternate packaging will be used for orders less than one box (50 ampoules).

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.

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